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What if people trusted you more &
believed what you were saying simply because of the sound of your voice?

Want to improve your bottom line?

Looking to increase sales & move to the next level in your career?

Imagine if you were able to influence colleagues, clients or conferences by using a voice that’s more interesting, persuasive & credible!

Your voice is more critical than ever before as we spend hours everyday in online meetings & calls.

Don’t be left behind, develop a voice that cuts through the clutter leaving memorable messages in the minds of your listeners.

Breathe more fully & deeply!

Change your pitch to add colour & comprehension!

Match your tone to your message!

Adjust your volume so that others don’t just hear your voice, they feel it as well.

Dare to slow down & speak more deliberately.

Pronounce your words more effortlessly by finishing every word you start!

Hi I’m Paul Carr inviting you to join me for the Online Voice Development Coaching Course.

You’ll get access to TEN of my brand NEW voice development coaching VIDEOS!

PLUS you’ll receive 4 x forty-five minute one-to-one coaching sessions with me Asia’s favourite voice over artist.

Learn at times that suit you, ALL at an unbelievably affordable price.

What you’ll get when you click JOIN NOW!

  • Step by step videos

    Access to 10 coaching videos guiding you step-by-step through all voice development exercises;

  • Voice development booklet

    A voice development booklet packed with voice exercises to help you develop the voice you’ve always wanted;

  • Audio File

    Paul’s coaching mp3 audio file to help you as you complete your vocal exercises;

  • Voice & news script copies

    Copies of voiceover & news scripts that you can use as you record your voice;

  • Personal coaching sessions

    4 x forty-five minute personal coaching sessions with me Paul Carr to build upon the skills we’ll be developing in the videos you’ll have access to;

  • Copies of recorded activities

    Copies of all the recorded activities from your personal coaching sessions;

  • Certificate of attainment

    A certificate of attainment once you have watched all 10 videos & completed your three personal coaching sessions with me!

Here’s what satisfied students say about me as a voice coach

I’ve never offered this combination before - teaching videos + personal coaching from me so grab this never before offer before it’s too late.

  • "Never would have thought I would fall in love with my own voice but Paul made it happen! Going thru Paul’s Voice Development DLSS made me realise how much more I could do with tone, pitch and pronunciation. Recording our speeches and sharing them is awkward but making us do it forces us out of our comfort zone. That’s how we propel forward and the rest is history! Cannot thank Paul enough for his guidance and making sure students like me make progress!”

    - Grace Tang

  • "I really enjoyed all sessions and Paul did an amazing job! Thanks a lot to him for making learning super fun.”

    - Neetha Sanjay

  • "I think that the experience was even better than the onsite version that I experienced too sometimes ago. I was not expecting this at all!”

    - Nathalie Ribette

  • "I really enjoyed Paul's workshop and learned a lot from him. I found Paul to be a most effective and knowledgeable educator. I have attended other classes on Zoom, but I found Paul's time management to be perfect.”

    - Julian Wong

Join the growing number of satisfied students who now have a voice that is more compelling to listen to.

Do yourself a favour & invest in the voice that you’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve it.

I’ve never offered this combination before - teaching videos + personal coaching from me so grab this never before offer before it’s too late.

I’ll guide you step by step at times that suit you. Don’t miss this never before offer that will dramatically change the way that you sound & speak.

Normally 4 personal coaching sessions with me costs S$1,200. 

Today when you join it won’t be S$899! 

Not even for S$699!

Now for the first time ever I’m offering YOU 
the Online Voice Development Course
for a unbelievably affordable